Rich curriculum

We run a rich blend of the Nigerian, British CAIE and the Montesori curriculums to well prepare our students for the life challenges ahead.

Carefully selected co-corricular

Our co-curricular developes the talents of our students. They are also designed to explore and harness their creativity.

Students Discipline

Over the years, we have developed working models for correcting and guiding students as they grow into self disciplined adults.

Remedial Classes

At Premier International School, we ensure that every child is doing well in his academics by monthly performance measure and immediate remedial to address the needs.

6 Schools in ONE


The Creche has 3 levels: Older toddlers (17 - 24 months), Young toddlers (9 - 16 months), Infants (3 - 8 months). Read More!


The Reception class (Age 2+) is the first step in the Pre School progression. Next is Nursery One (Age 3+) and after that is Nursery Two (Age 4+) which is the final class in Pre School. At the end of Nursery Two, your child will be qualified to join the Elementary school.


Premier Elementary School has 2 levels: Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary. We have a robust extra curricular base which encourages creativity and hands-on activities to produce concrete products during sessions.


We run an integrated British-Nigerian curriculum both at the junior and senior school. In the curriculum, are the basic subjects which will enable the students acquire knowledge and skills in which they can build. Our curriculum also expose students to resources that meet international standards as well as produce students who can compete globally.


Premier International School PreUniversity Program prepares students for a successful University jouney both locally and internationally. We partner with over 20 foreign universities who process direct admission for our students after a successful preparatory or AS/A-Level program at the centre.


Premier International School in partnership with ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) runs a Special Education Needs Unit which caters for students/pupils with varying forms of learning difficulties. This is done in an inclusive manner.




Team of administrators

Mrs. R. G. Executive Director

Charles Husseini Head of School

Godiya Hassan Secondary School Principal

RITA ODUBELA Elementary School Principal

Jane Ugochi Ezekwu Preschool Principal

Helen Okafor Head of Creche

MARYAM KYAANA GARBA Head of Pre University
Director of Development

CHRISS UKAEGBU School Administrator

Fee Structure


Starting from N180,000
per term
Extra charges apply for:
  • Uniforms
  • Books and stationeries
  • Clubs
  • and Registration fee (for new students)

Elementary School

Starting from N200,000
per term
Extra charges apply for:
  • Uniforms
  • Books and stationeries
  • Clubs
  • and Registration fee (for new students)

Secondary School

Starting from N300,000
per term
Extra charges apply for:
  • Uniforms
  • Books and stationeries
  • Clubs
  • and Registration fee (for new students)
For more information about school fees, and scholarship programs, please call the numbers below or visit us for an opportunity to take a facility tour

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